"Edge of the Wave" is a series of upside-down close-up underwater photos created in Egypt in 2021-2022. The images are captured from the perspective of creatures that live in the ocean, looking up at the waves crashing down. This perspective creates a sense of awe and wonder, as well as a sense of danger. 

The series is named "Edge of the Wave" because it captures the moment when the wave is about to break. This is a moment of great potential, as well as great danger. The wave could crash down and destroy everything in its path, or it could gently wash over the shore. The images in the series capture this moment of uncertainty and possibility.

The series is also a reflection of my own personal journey. I have always been fascinated by the ocean, and I have spent many years diving and exploring its depths. I have seen the beauty and the power of the ocean, but I have also seen the damage that humans have done to it. I hope that my images will help to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our oceans.

The series can also be seen as a metaphor for life. The waves represent the challenges and obstacles that all living things face. The underwater species represent our resilience and our ability to overcome these challenges. The ocean represents the vastness and mystery of life. The images in the series remind us that life is full of beauty, danger, and possibility. We must be brave and face the challenges that come our way, but we can also find peace and tranquility in the beauty of the ocean.