Alexej Sachov was born in 1972 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Inspired by photographs taken by his mother, Alexej started photographing from his childhood. But his real passion was the aircrafts: he obtained a diploma in engineering & information technologies. Alexej realized his creativity potential in building complex computer systems in the Ukraine, Russia and Germany. Alexej works for SIXT, one of the biggest and successful technology-driven mobility companies in the world.
Alexej is a passionate diver, the challenges of underwater photography attracted him. He joined Kyiv school of photography which deals with courses and workshops. Alexej’s underwater photos were honored by diverse competitions and were exhibited in the US, UK, Germany and in Ukraine, where Alexej lives currently.

Alexej's pictures depict the beauty of the underwater world as well as environmental problems. The artist believes that when humans would start to love both worlds above and underwater, there would be still a chance of preventing more environmental pollution and harm inflicted to animals and nature.