The moment when the wave is about to break holds great potential as well as significant danger, embodying both uncertainty and possibility. The pictures reflect the journey of human life, serving as a metaphor for life itself. The waves symbolize the challenges and obstacles that all living beings face.

Caution, boiling! The story of life begins in hot, one may say, even boiling water.
Eruption of Emotions. What is bottled up inside oneself needs to be released someday; sometimes in a more dramatic manner.uring a storm in Egypt.
Transition. The beauty of the moment underline its uniqueness, as well as the originality of life.
Rainfall. Like rivers, lakes and oceans are filled with raindrops, our life consists of many small events that make up its meaning.
Break. When the storm comes it is not always possible to decide where to go, turn left or right. You need to act instantly and see where the current takes you.
Skyward Hope. Amidst life's darkest clouds, hope emerges like a wave reaching skyward, embodying our resilient spirit to find light and meaning in the face of turmoil.

"The Edge" is a series of upside-down close-up underwater photos created in Egypt in 2021-2022, capturing the ocean's magnificence from the viewpoint of its inhabitants. These images convey both the awe-inspiring beauty and inherent dangers of the oceanic world, encapsulating the dual nature of existence beneath the waves. My experiences diving and exploring ocean depths have deepened my appreciation for its beauty and power, and have highlighted the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect this vital ecosystem.

Furthermore, the series serves as a broader metaphor for the intricacies of life, portraying the continuous cycle of challenges and resilience. It draws a parallel between the survival of underwater species against adversities and our own journeys through life's obstacles. Through this body of work, I aim to underscore the importance of confronting challenges with courage, while also finding solace in the tranquil and mystifying aspects of the natural world.


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