Looking at the images the viewer experiences waves like the creatures of the sea. Much like all living species, these creatures embody a spectrum of moods, ranging from the serene and mischievous to the tumultuous and powerful. This series invites viewers on a visual journey, allowing them to feel the life of waves.

Mixed emotions.
Storm is coming.*)
A Race.
A Touch of the Sky.
Sunshine, Baby.
The cycle of a wave's life is short.

The photographs have been taken on scuba dives in Egypt in 2021-2023.


Interested in Limited Edition Fine Art Prints?

Available sizes:

  • 50 x 40 (or 40 x 30) cm, Edition of 20 plus 2 artist's proofs
  • 90 x 51 (or 80 x 60) cm, Edition of 7 plus 2 artist's proofs
  • 120 x 68 (or 120 x 90) cm, Edition of 3 plus 2 artist's proofs
  • 180 x 101(or 180 x 135) cm, Edition of 1, not available for artworks marked with *)

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