This series of underwater photographs capture the essence of the colour red, the colour of passion, but also a representative of blood and the wounds our world has inflicted upon itself.

Since the start of the big war in the photographer's country, a significant focus has been on the colour of blood: a constant reminder of the human toll of conflict and violence.

However, these images are not just about this war; they remind us that our world is bleeding, bleeding everywhere — above and underwater — due to the wars and ecological disasters that plague us.

Through the camera's lens, the moving water and air bubbles take on an otherworldly quality that evokes both the tranquillity and the violence that can exist in the depths of the seas as well as the depths of the human experience and consciousness. The result is a haunting and powerful tribute to a world in turmoil, a reminder of the diversity and richness of our world, as well as the shared experiences that make us human.

The images in this series are intentionally unnamed to allow room for the viewers' creativity to experience this series in their own unique way.

Each image challenges us to see our world's beauty and fragility and take action to protect it. Despite the darkness that pervades these images, there is also hope — a reminder that we still have the power to save our world, even when it seems like we are one step away from the edge of the abyss.